It all started in the beginning of April when I, (Jeff) was looking through because one of my buddies at work had just gotten an account. As I was browsing through, I came across Ami's profile and couldn't believe my eyes. Once I finished reading her profile I just had to become a member myself.                                                                                              

First thing I did was send her an email telling her about myself and asking her to check out my profile to see if she would like to chat some more. After about a week of sending emails back and forth we decided it was time to meet.

We setup our first date at a little coffee house called Arrosto's. It was all set, we were going to meet on April 10th at 5pm. I got there a little early; I was so nervous I felt like a little kid at his first day of school. I made sure to pick a table near the front so I could see her as she waked in. It seemed like time was standing still, it was the longest 15 minutes I ever sat through.